I’m a designer, a Jays fan, a culinary enthusiast and a plant-based food advocate. I grew up in Moscow, where I discovered my creative spirit, fell in love with Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic and inherited a deep affinity for all things potato. I am fortunate to have travelled the globe, but now I’m happy to call Toronto home.

At the age of 18, despite my parent’s wishes, I left a prestigious law school in favour of a design & advertising degree in Moscow. It was there that I tackled branding and identity work, photography, typesetting, and illustration. I was introduced to my now heroes Jan Tschichold, Erik Spiekermann, Paula Scher and Eddie Opara.

During that time, I landed a job as a designer at a large publishing agency where I developed my technical and creative skills and fell in love with all things design. Working on 100-page layouts, yearly calendars, cheeky editorial pieces, digital illustration — I was happy and hungry for all!

After graduating, I was fortunate to work with both local and international clients participating in a wide range of design projects from one-off print and digital pieces, to large brand and advertising campaigns. I am grateful to have worked alongside some amazing people from whom I gained a wealth of knowledge in many areas of design. 

I’m now a UX manager at Shopify. When I'm not at my desk, my interests are vast, which I believe greatly inspire my design. I'm an avid jam-maker, a plant-based food lover, an adventurer, and a relentless board game enthusiast. Want to design something together or just to say hello? I'd love that. Send me a message!